Clermont, Florida is rapidly growing and thriving thanks to new projects and plans being quickly completed including Victory Pointe. For over 100 years the city has proudly displayed its beauty and high quality of life, but it is now enjoying new opportunities and investment while retaining its history and sense of community.

A series of projects have been planned, as part of the City of Clermont’s Downtown-Waterfront Master Plan. At the center of these plans is Victory Pointe.

What is Victory Pointe?

Victory Pointe was one of the first projects to be completed in Clermont and residents locally and statewide are already seeing the benefits. $9.5 million was spent on developing the stormwater project, which is also a sophisticated passive and urban park. It was designed to provide the community with a place to walk amongst and enjoy nature, not far from downtown Clermont.

One of the most crucial features of Victory Pointe, however, is the fact that it is also a stormwater and filtration system. The system cleans runoff from marshes before it flows into Lake Minneola. It also uses foliage and natural materials which are vital in improving the quality of water.

The 10-acre site also includes recreational features such as trails, sporting facilities, boardwalks, staging areas, wildlife, docks and an observation tower which offers a view from 40 feet.

Visitors can be educated about the system throughout the park, thanks to easy to understand guides and signage; which has been designed to allow the community to fully understand the positive impacts Victory Pointe is having on Lake Minneola.

How is Victory Pointe improving the City of Clermont?

Victory Pointe is the catalyst for Clermont’s unstoppable growth. The improved drainage has opened up new space in the downtown area, as businesses are no longer required to have their own stormwater runoff retention areas.

The new space is bringing in an influx of new homes and business, meaning jobs are now predicted to rise by 40% over the next ten years.

The opportunities created thanks to Victory Pointe have led to officials naming it as the ‘crown jewel’ in Clermont’s downtown district. Clermont is putting itself on the map, and Victory Pointe is just the starting point of this work.

The Choice of Champions

Clermont is being lauded as ‘The Choice of Champions’, with athletes far and wide beginning to see Clermont as the perfect place to train and thrive on their route to success. Victory Pointe offers an urban green space for athletes of all ages and skills to train, relax or perform.

The sporting spaces and trails are opening up possibilities for triathlon events, and a perfect downtown area for athletes to thrive in. Residents can enjoy nature by foot or bike, as they move around the beautiful lakes and local wildlife.

Victory Pointe’s lakes are also perfect for canoeing, kayaking, or stand-up paddle-boarding.

With the 250-acre world-class sports facility ‘Olympus’ also on the horizon, the City of Clermont offers a stunning choice of urban areas for athletes to nurture their talents.

Victory Pointe is just the start of Clermont’s master plan

Victory Pointe is just the start of Clermont’s master plan and it is proving already to be highly rewarding, as houses prices are set to rise in the coming years. Now is the time to buy property in Clermont, FL if you’re considering life or investment in Florida.