Clermont, Florida is booming. The city is beginning to significantly feel the effects of its various projects that form part of its ‘master plan’, that is propelling Clermont forward both economically and with its quality of life. Residents and property owners in downtown Clermont are already experiencing the change. But with all the attention currently on the urban landscape, it is easy to forget one of Clermont’s long-term selling points; its natural beauty.

Situated amongst the rolling hills and glistening lakes, Clermont is a place where you can enjoy quality time amongst nature, while still being close to a city that is flourishing. Whether you want to see wildlife with family or exercise in beauty, Clermont has you covered.

Lake Louisa State Park

Lake Louisa State Park is one of Clermont’s natural gems. With over 4,500 acres of stunning natural beauty, you can do just about anything you’d wish to do outside with only a very short commute from the city center.

The park is a favorite for visitors and long-term residents, with a fantastic choice of recreational activities available. Clermont is the ‘City of Champions’ where sporting enthusiasts can thrive, and Lake Louisa State Park gives residents the opportunity to run or cycle on engrossing trails, kayak or canoe on the luscious lakes, hike, fish, camp or even take horseback rides.

Lake Minneola

Lake Minneola is an incredible and pristine natural beauty at the heart of Clermont. The lake is surrounded by beautiful trails that are perfect for walking, running or cycling through wildlife and challenging yourself on route to success. Long-distance runners are huge fans of the lake’s challenging running trails that include a mix of tarmac and off-road paths, which are perfect for triathletes.

The stunning scenery is just a stone’s throw away from Clermont’s city center but is actually improving on its already clean water conditions. That’s thanks to the Victory Pointe Stormwater Project that was completed in the summer of 2018 and is naturally filtering water before it enters Lake Minneola.

West Orange Trail

Safe, car-free, well paved and beautiful; West Orange Trail is an ideal location for anyone looking to cycle either recreationally or for serious training. The long-distance trail passes by lakes, forests, urban areas and is breathtaking at sunset. Professional triathletes and runners use the trail and leave rave reviews about the safety and ability to push themselves to the limit regularly, in nature, without leaving the city.

Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards

Since 1989 this 127-acre estate has been open amongst the rolling countryside, just 25 miles away from downtown Orlando. The beautiful setting allows residents the chance to enjoy local events and enjoy wine in serenity.

Golf in Clermont

If you’re into golf, then Clermont is perfect for you. There are various high-quality golf clubs, such as ‘Clerbrook Golf, ‘The Legends Golf and Country Club’ and ‘Kings Ridge Golf Club.’ They are built in housing communities, offering a friendly and flawless opportunity for golf while still being in the city.

‘The City of Champions’ is Perfect for Exercise Amongst Nature

If you’re looking for a city that gives you the chance to train amongst natural surroundings without traveling far at all, then you can’t find better than Clermont. Athletes far and wide are heading to the growing city to train and find a place to call home on their route to glory.

With hiking trails, lakes, off-road locations, golf clubs, rivers and a combination of urban spaces and challenging hills, Clermont is ideal for providing locations for spending time with nature.