Five Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy Property in Clermont

Clermont, Florida is surging forward in growth and economic development. Opportunities are opening up throughout the city, with entrepreneurs and athletes flocking towards it and earning it the title as “The Choice of Champions”.

In 2018, it has seen major developments completed and plans confirmed for an International sports complex that will bring in a $1.4 billion economic impact. The entire city is starting to taste the benefits, with business owners and residents enjoying the excitement and sense of possibilities to live a thriving life.

With doors opening, now is the perfect time to buy property in Clermont. Here are some key reasons why:

1.) Clermont is a City Geared for Athletes

Clermont is the “The Choice of Champions”, and is fast becoming a hotbed for professional athletes from near and far to call home. With vast sporting opportunities already available, it is now on the verge of holding a world-class sporting facility designed to propel sportsmen and women toward success.

In the summer of 2018 plans were confirmed for a 250-acre top-class sporting facility where professional athletes and teams will stay. The facility, named ‘Olympus‘ will bring an economic impact of $1.4 billion and over 5,600 new jobs.

The area will provide Clermont residents and developers with world-class hotels, restaurants, shops, office space and entertainment that will transform the city and its property prices.

2.) Clermont has the Ideal Location

Clermont is just a 20-mile commute from Downtown Orlando. Though it is rich in entertainment and lakes, its centralized location means trips to the beach and Florida’s major city are easy. Disneyland and other major theme parks are also just a 35-minute drive.

The city is rich in beautiful waterfront homes, luscious landscapes and a perfect location for successful athletes to train while calling it home. Don’t forget that in Florida there is NO income tax.

3.) Property Prices will rise with Clermont’s unstoppable growth

With growth and opportunities rising, so is Clermont’s popularity. Now is the ideal window to get in and make the most of property prices before they surge. Housing prices have gone up 9% over the last year and are expected to rise.

In 2018, The City of Clermont completed a $9.5-million stormwater project and urban, passive park “Victory Pointe” in a move that is having a regional and statewide impact.

Space has opened up for new homes and businesses due to the improved drainage systems. With companies and developers moving in, the city is set for unstoppable growth over the next decade; jobs are predicted to increase by 40% over the next ten years.

4.) Dream Homes for all

Whether you’re buying your first home or looking to complete a Florida dream, then Clermont has you covered. There is a wide range of housing available from small, budget starter homes to waterfront stunners that are perfect to retire in.

5.) An Active Lifestyle

It’s not being called the ‘City of Champions’ for nothing. Clermont residents are living active lifestyles because the city’s facilities and landscapes promote it. Parks small and large are found throughout the area, which allows residents to train with ease.

Cycling and triathlon devotees can also enjoy the scenic challenge of the South Lake and Lake Minneola trails. If triathlon training is your thing, then the National Training Center at South Lake Hospital is more than perfect for your needs.

The world-class facilities planned through ‘Olympus’ will only increase the number of athletes in the area and the sense that Clermont is the place that encourages success.

These are just a few of the reasons why now is the time to buy property in Clermont, especially for athletes who need a place to thrive on their path to becoming a champion before real estate prices increase.