Clermont, the rapidly growing city in Florida, is ranked as one of the top 20 cities in the U.S for leading the way in development and way of life. Situated in Lake County, the city has a bright future with recent smart development plans opening up vast opportunities for economic growth.

As Clermont continues to grow and gain reputation, it will become a hot-bed for development and exciting business opportunities. With the recently opened, $9.5m stormwater project Victory Pointe, the entire city is beginning to see the benefits of the new space and attention.

$1.4 billion economic impact due to Olympus

Athletes from around the world will be drawn towards Clermont in the near future, as plans of a 250-acre world-class sports facility, named ‘Olympus’ have been confirmed. With the tagline ‘Epic. Every Day’, the facility is projected to bring an economic impact of $1.4 billion and over 5,600 new jobs.

Olympus founder and SEO Michael Caroll says, “Together, we are leveraging the power of sport, wellness, fitness and entertainment in a very innovative and market-driving way. The foundation we lay today will be used not only to build an iconic development but also to leave a positive community legacy for tomorrow”.

The area will provide Clermont residents and developers with world-class hotels, restaurants, shops, office space and entertainment that will catch the eye of sports teams, health enthusiasts and ‘Champions’ from across the U.S. and beyond.

Innovative Victory Pointe Has Opened Up Huge Opportunities

In the summer of 2018, The City of Clermont opened up the $9.5-million stormwater project and urban, passive park “Victory Pointe” in a move that is having a regional and statewide impact.

The 10-acre site has been lauded as a clear statement of Clermont’s ability to come together and plan smart and develop quickly. It is just the first of the major developments to come in a range of plans, to re-energize both the waterfront and downtown areas.

Tremendous opportunities have already been opened, with the Victory Pointe water system freeing up space for development. Drainage across the area has enhanced already, and the quality of water entering Lake Minneola will continue to improve, making it a hotspot for locals and tourists.

Victory Pointe is the catalyst for Clermont’s exciting future and just the first in a range of “master-plans” that will transform the area and community for the better.

Committed Leaders and Smart Development

These projects are just the latest part of Clermont’s journey to bring sports excellence and innovation to Lake County making it the 2018 “Choice of Champions”. The success and opportunities already opened are thanks to the committed leaders and creative development teams that have come together to plan wisely and boldly.

The plans are put in place with the community in mind, to make everyone a champion, from local schools to entrepreneurs and sports teams.

The city is already witnessing fast economic growth and a growing reputation for being a hub of wellness and health. Clermont is putting itself on the map through its own ambition and is the place sporting and business champions come to expand their horizons.