Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Clermont Florida

Clermont, Florida is booming. The city is beginning to significantly feel the effects of its various projects that form part of its ‘master plan’, that is propelling Clermont forward both economically and with its quality of life. Residents and property owners in downtown Clermont are already experiencing the change. But with all the attention currently on the urban landscape, it is easy to forget one of Clermont’s long-term selling points; its natural beauty. Situated amongst the rolling hills and glistening lakes, Clermont is a place where you can enjoy quality time amongst nature, while still being close to a city [...]

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Montrose Street Market Opening in Clermont’s Growing Downtown District

Here’s more exciting news for Clermont's rapidly growing Downtown District. As new businesses and developments continue to open, the latest exciting addition is The Montrose Street Market. It will be opening later this year, in Clermont's Downtown Historic District. It will become a hotspot in the City of Clermont, where locals and visitors can enjoy the best of Clermont's food, fashion, home goods and art. Plans are being put in place for live music and other events to start the opening months with a bang. Set for December Opening The new addition to Clermont's thriving urban life is proposed to [...]

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How Victory Pointe Is Helping Clermont, Florida Grow

Clermont, Florida is rapidly growing and thriving thanks to new projects and plans being quickly completed including Victory Pointe. For over 100 years the city has proudly displayed its beauty and high quality of life, but it is now enjoying new opportunities and investment while retaining its history and sense of community. A series of projects have been planned, as part of the City of Clermont's Downtown-Waterfront Master Plan. At the center of these plans is Victory Pointe. What is Victory Pointe? Victory Pointe was one of the first projects to be completed in Clermont and residents locally and statewide [...]

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Five Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy Property in Clermont

Five Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy Property in Clermont Clermont, Florida is surging forward in growth and economic development. Opportunities are opening up throughout the city, with entrepreneurs and athletes flocking towards it and earning it the title as "The Choice of Champions". In 2018, it has seen major developments completed and plans confirmed for an International sports complex that will bring in a $1.4 billion economic impact. The entire city is starting to taste the benefits, with business owners and residents enjoying the excitement and sense of possibilities to live a thriving life. With doors [...]

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Clermont Florida is the 2018 Choice of Champions

Clermont, the rapidly growing city in Florida, is ranked as one of the top 20 cities in the U.S for leading the way in development and way of life. Situated in Lake County, the city has a bright future with recent smart development plans opening up vast opportunities for economic growth. As Clermont continues to grow and gain reputation, it will become a hot-bed for development and exciting business opportunities. With the recently opened, $9.5m stormwater project Victory Pointe, the entire city is beginning to see the benefits of the new space and attention. $1.4 billion economic impact due to [...]

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