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Lake County has Over 1,000 Lakes & Rivers!

This Central Florida county is home to hundreds of waterways.  The quality of freshwater fishing and boating amenities in Lake County is the best in Florida. Lake County is a freshwater boater’s paradise. From Hickory Point Recreational Facility, a park that features 12 boat ramps with access to the eight-lake Harris Chain, to the tranquil and picturesque water trails, which offers canoeists and kayakers plenty of outdoor adventures. Largemouth bass and crappie are found in almost every body of water in the area. In fact, nationally televised fishing tournaments come to Lake County each year. With hundreds of lakes brimming with prize catches, anglers sometimes face a tough decision about where to cast a line.

From the St. Johns River in the north to the Clermont Chain in the south, Lake County is an ideal location for a boating vacation getaway. The most well-known waterway in Lake County was penned in the 1930s by a leading sports writer as “the most beautiful mile of water in the world.” Lined with towering cypress trees that are draped with Spanish moss, the Dora Canal is a safe haven for nesting ospreys, herons and egrets.

In the 1830s, the canal was not only popular for its natural beauty but because the mile-long connection linked the two important lakes of Dora and Eustis. Bordering the two lakes are the cities of Eustis, Tavares and Mount Dora. Together the municipalities form the Golden Triangle area of Lake County. Each city sports its own heritage and quaint downtown district that are a hit with tourists.

Some of the top water skiing competitors in the world live in Lake County and it’s no wonder why.  Lake County Florida is home to Jack Travers Ski School, Swiss Waterski Resort and is the perfect environment for private homeowners ski lakes.

Boat Ramps

World Class

Jack Travers Ski School

Sunset Lakes is located in the heart of central Florida on 120 acres with three private lakes specifically built for water skiing and wakeboarding. Sunset has been owned and operated by Jack Travers’ family for 35 years. Their mission is to provide a vacation experience that is unique, professional, positive, fun and safe year-round. The all-inclusive overnight camps are for skiers and riders of all ages and skill levels from first-timer to expert. Full on-site pro shop offers demo skis. Choose from a single, daily, weekly or weekend program. Rent one of our lakes and boats or buy a lot and live the dream at Sunset Lakes.

Swiss Waterski Resort

World-renowned Swiss Waterski Resort (formerly Swiss Ski School) located in Clermont, Florida was founded in 1979 and has evolved from a house on a lake to a full-size resort comprising of custom-made ski lakes with waterfront Mediterranean villas surrounded by a pristine 18-hole golf course.
This perfect ski set up which hosted the World Championships is animated by a team of experienced and dedicated coaches led by long time Pro Skier and Coach Clint Stadlbaur.

Private Homeowner Water Ski Lakes

Some of the top competitors in the world live in Lake County and it’s no wonder why. If you’re not interested in Ski Schools and just want peace and quiet and the ability to enjoy skiing at your own pace than you can enjoy any of over 1,000 waterways in Lake County to make your own private water ski lake.

St Johns River

The Longest River in Florida

Meandering along the north border of Lake County, is Florida’s longest river and one of the few rivers flowing North in the state.

Traversing 310 miles of the Sunshine State from the swamps west of Vero Beach to Jacksonville, the St. Johns River is a popular waterway among Central Florida boaters. Several centuries ago, the slow-trickling river was the heart of the naturally gifted region and a Southern-style of living.

Beginning in the 1800s, many settlers came to Lake County by steamboat on the St. Johns River. Settlers flocked to Central Florida to homestead government property. By the 1880s, tourists had begun to take a liking to the sunny reception in Florida.

While steam boaters enjoyed the “honeymoon years” of the new mode of transportation during the late 1800s, vibrant towns began
sprouting along the two dozen miles of St. Johns River shoreline in Lake County.

Crows Bluff, Hawkinsville and St. Francis all failed as fledging communities along the river, but for many boaters, including kayakers
and canoeists, the series of Lake County ghost towns make for some sensational side trips.

St. Francis, also known as Old Town, is 116 miles south of Jacksonville on the west bank of the river. Pilings can still be seen in the St. Francis Dead River where a grand Riverside Hotel once stood. The town also featured its own weekly newspaper (The Florida Facts), post office, general store and warehouse. Even after the train derailed the steamboat’s burgeoning popularity, several of these towns continued to thrive until business came upon hard times when a freeze in 1894 destroyed hundreds of acres of citrus groves. While the land surrounding the series of ghost towns is relatively uninhabited today, the scenery

Dora Canal

Big Picture Worthy Scenery

The Dora Canal, along with the nearby Dead River and Haynes Creek, are popular spots for guided scenic tours. Hundreds of tourists and locals each year take these enchanting cruises to view the waterways’ breathtaking beauty and wildlife.

The scenery of the Dora Canal also captured the imagination of Hollywood as a portion of the Humphrey Bogart classic “African Queen” was filmed along the waterway. Besides viewing wildlife such as otters, alligators and wading birds, visitors to the canal can also take note of the towering cypress trees, with some being 2,000 years old.

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