Florida is a beautiful, vibrant and alive area of the US that can offer you a lifestyle you deserve. Ranked at number one for ‘Natural Environment’ in the US, it combines an underrated bliss with exciting cities and the chance to enjoy a vacation lifestyle all year. Here the Top 10 Reasons Why Florida is the Top Destination to Live in 2018:

    1. The Weather

      The overwhelming argument in support of living in Florida is the glorious vacation style weather. The year-round warm temperatures mean even in the winter you can be out on the beach with just one layer, enjoying 70 degrees plus temperatures (60s at worst), whilst the rest of the country will be battling snow and bitter winds.

    2. No State Income Tax

      Florida is one of only seven US states to not collect local or state income tax on its residents, meaning you get to keep a higher chunk of your earnings, to spend on all that ‘The Sunshine State’ has to offer. It’s one less thing to worry about, and one more reason to consider a live in Florida in 2018.

    3. The Beach is Always Close By.

      No matter where you live in Florida, the beach is no more than around a 45-minute drive away. With 633 miles of sand to relax on and five different cruise ports (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Port Canaveral, Tampa, and Jacksonville), you have the chance to enjoy a vacation setting whenever you wish.

    4. Florida Beach

    5. Breathtaking Natural Beauty

      The natural landscape in Florida is often overlooked, but it will take your breath away. It’s ranked at number 1 for ‘Natural Environment’ in the USA for a reason.
      With rolling hills, freshwater lakes, hidden underwater caves and subtropical wetlands, it features many preserved areas, perfect for recreational activities or simply freeing yourself in nature’s beauty. Not to forget Fort Lauderdale which because of its 165 miles of waterways and canals has earnt the name ‘Venice of America’.

    6. An Abundance of Recreational Activities

      With such a vast selection of locations to explore, you have the opportunity to enjoy Florida’s nature by having fun; from fishing to water sports, golf, hiking, biking and bird watching. There are thousands of activities for those who want to enjoy the outside life!

    7. Housing Market

      Florida’s housing market has been rising by the double digits, which is great news for homeowners and property investors. Particularly in affordable areas such as Montverde, Clermont, Orlando and the Treasure Coast. There’s no better time to move to Florida than 2018!

    8. Sports Fan’s Paradise

      If you’re a sports fanatic, Florida is like few other states in its wealth of sports teams to follow. It’s the home to ten professional teams, and even more minor league and collegiate teams. To name check a few; Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Rays, Miami Heat and Florida Panthers.
      If Soccer is your thing then now is the time to move! The Orlando City Soccer Lions will soon be joined by David Beckham’s Miami team in the MLS. Several MLB teams also train during the spring in Miami, taking advantage of the better weather.
      From 2019 Miami is likely to be the host of a prestigious Formula 1 Grand Prix also!

    9. The Vibrant Diversity

      The diversity of life, whilst remaining a truly American state, results in a vibrant atmosphere to explore and enjoy year-round. From the huge cities (that many desire to be a part of in Northern states) to wealthy dream-like county parks and exciting areas, heavily influenced by Cuban and Latino culture, Florida has something unique for you!

    10. Education

      Orlando’s University of Central Florida, Tallahassee’s Florida State University, and the University of Florida in Gainesville are highly rated universities, offer students young and old the chance to educate themselves in a relaxed and vibrant location, receiving top quality education.

    11. Amusement Parks

      For thrill seekers and kids in Florida, the amusement parks offer a chance to experience pure fun and novelty, just a short distance from their homes. With Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens, Legoland and Sea World, those in search of thrills are covered. Movie fans can also enjoy the International acclaimed Universal Studios.